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FSW261 Fall 2011 Study Guide for Exam One Chapter One- Introduction and defining the family: What social trends and changes in demographics have occurred in the U.S. in relation to family life (as o Be familiar with the composition of households in the US (i.e., in Figure 1.1 on p. 8 of the text ) How is “family” defined? o What is a “nuclear family”, what is a “traditional” nuclear family? How many families fit the traditional nuclear family definition today? o What is the U.S. Census Bureau definition of family? Who is left out of this definition? o What is your textbook’s definition of family? The Freedom and Pressures of Choosing: o How are the best personal decisions made? What factors influence those decisions? o Why/when are decisions made by default? What are the “family decline” and the “family change/adaptation” perspectives? o What are individualistic values versus familistic values? What are some functions of family? o How do families help develop an individual’s “self-concept”? What are “familistic” values as opposed to “individualistic” values? What are the four themes of the text? Chapter Two- Family theories What are theories/theoretical perspectives of the family useful for? What do they help us do? Know each of the family theories discussed in class & the text (e.g., focus/purpose, use, assumptions, etc.).
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FSW261_-_Study_Guide_-_Exam_One_Fall_2011 - FSW261 Fall...

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