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english 355 context paper

english 355 context paper - Brooke Galietto English 355...

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Brooke Galietto January 26, 2011 English 355 – Context Paper In Betty Friedan’s, “The Feminine Mystique”, she explains the change in attitudes among women that took place after World War II. Basically, the factors required for one to full her feminine call of duty changed. Rather than focusing on gaining gender equality, the right to vote, and a chance at a profession women were reverting back to ways of the older days. Friedan defines feminine fulfillment of the 1950’s as having a husband, children, and a nice house. We have all heard of this lifestyle before and today we all sit here and judge women for being a part of that cult. For example, when reading Plath’s, The Bell Jar , I reel between feeling sorry for Esther Greenwood and feeling frustrated with her for not going after what she wants. The latter of those reactions is due to the fact that I am part of a different “women’s cult”; the cult of the twenty-first century where everything and anything is possible with a little hard work, a college education, and some networking. As a result,
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