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Executive Summary[1]

Executive Summary[1] - Executive Summary Corrington Clay...

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Executive Summary Corrington Clay, Cornelius Boullard, Adesina Adebola, and Fahad Jethwa are discovering the core characteristics and traits that are the keys to obtaining the dream jobs and achieve degrees from Texas State University. Their character qualities were cultivated through interviews with family members, friends, and employers. The significance of this project is to help discover and see the correlation between these traits and to become successful both in academics and professional relationships. Corrington Clay interviewed his mother, and his current employer Carolyn Partida. He learned that others see great promise in him and his character. Several character qualities were listed but the qualities that were most important were determination, endurance, gratefulness, punctuality, flexibility, initiative, and attentiveness. His dream job is working for Ben E. Keith Foods in Houston, TX as a general manager.
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