final project for mangament 3353

final project for mangament 3353 - Introduction...

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Introduction Authorization This formal report was assigned by Dr. Chiodo in order to discover what character qualities our family, friends, and employers state that we demonstrate. We were authorized to self assess our characteristics that are favorable in finding a job. Each team member was instructed to take an in-depth look at the qualities that we have, and how we can apply them in future opportunities. This report is due to Professor Martin on March 09, 2011. Purpose The purpose of this report is to bring out the individual qualities and characteristics that we hold by understanding them then analyze, cultivate, and utilize these findings in order to help develop successful future paths. It is known that having an education gives you a competitive advantage when applying for a dream job. But from Dr. Chiodo, we have discovered that your character qualities are what set you apart from the rest of the competition. By highlighting how we have demonstrated our most important qualities from the past we are able to confirm how we can benefit our future employers and ourselves. This report is vital to our success because we are given the opportunity to scrutinize and perfect the qualities that we already possess. By asking peers that know and understand our true character, it provides us with insight on what we are capable of, but may not already fully recognize. We have been given a great opportunity from this assignment. It has given us a chance, which otherwise we would not have had, to identify and expand our most valuable traits on our own. This experience has taught us a valuable lesson about ourselves. Limitations All the members in the team either work full time, part time, or live outside of town. This puts difficult time constraints on our meeting schedules outside of class. We try our best to be on time every Tuesday, and then hold individual meetings for those who are not able to attend our regular meetings. If a team member does not make it to one of our meetings, we inform them of the topics discussed in the meeting. The team also faces time constraints when setting up interviews with their family, friends, and employers. Due to busy schedules, we are turning in our report on March 09, 2011, so that we have a sufficient amount of time to meticulously proofread our report. Sources Adebola Adesina, Cornelius Boullard, Corrington Clay, and Fahad Jethwa are utilizing both primary and secondary sources for this report. The group’s only primary sources are personal interviews with family members, friends, and co-workers about the character qualities they possess and how they demonstrate those particular qualities. The group also used secondary sources such as the dictionary and the internet. Secondary sources were used to research our future career industries.
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Definition of Terms Fortitude : strength of mind that enables a person to encounter danger or bear pain or adversity with courage. Responsible
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final project for mangament 3353 - Introduction...

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