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Chapter Four - degree to which responses to these items...

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Chapter Four – Testing and Selecting Employees Why Careful Selection Is Important Your own performance always depends on your subordinates You want to screen out undesirables You do not want to waste money Finally, selection is important because of the legal implication of incompetent hiring Negligent Hiring occurs when you hire workers with criminal records without proper safeguards Reliability Reliability is the consistency of scores obtained by the same person when retested with the identical tests or with an equivalent form of a test Retest Estimate is administering the same test to the people at two different points in time, comparing their test scores Equivalent Form Estimate is a test where you administer a test then administer an equivalent test at a later date Internal Comparison Estimate is where you administer the test and then statistically analyze the
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Unformatted text preview: degree to which responses to these items vary together Internal Consistency is one reason you often find apparently repetitive questions on tests Validity Test Validity answers the question; does this test measure what it’s supposed to measure? Validity refers to the confidence one has in the meaning attached to the scores Validity often refers to the evidence that the test is job related Performance on the test is a valid predictor of subsequent performance on the job Criterion Validity means demonstrating that those who do well on the test also do well on the job and that those who do poorly on the test do poorly on the job A predictor is the measurement that you are trying to relate to a criterion Content Validity is demonstrated by showing that the test constitutes a fair sample of the content of a job...
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Chapter Four - degree to which responses to these items...

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