Evaluating the Training and Development Effort

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Evaluating the Training and Development Effort There are two basic issues to address when evaluating a training program: The first is how to design the evaluation study and, in particular, whether to use controlled experimentations The second is what training effect to measure Controlled Experimentation uses both a training group and a control group -> Data is obtained both before and after the training effort in the group exposed to training and before and after a corresponding work period in the control group Controlled experimentation is the best method to use in evaluating a training program Training Effects to Measure First, evaluate trainees’ Reactions to the program Second, test the trainees to determine whether they Learned the principles, skills, and facts they were supposed
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Unformatted text preview: to learn Next, ask whether the trainees’ Behavior on the job changed because of the training program Finally, probably most important, ask: What Results were achieved in terms of the training objectives previously set? Managers Can Improve the Transfer of Training Prior to Training , get trainee and supervisor input in designing the program, institute a training attendance policy, and encourage employees to participate During Training , provide trainees with training experiences that resemble the actual work environment After Training reinforce what trainees learned, for instance, by appraising and rewarding employees for using new skills, and by giving them the tools they need to use their new skills...
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