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How to Avoid Common Interviewing Mistakes

How to Avoid Common Interviewing Mistakes - how you rate...

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How to Avoid Common Interviewing Mistakes The most consistent finding is that interviewers tend to jump to conclusions- make snap judgments – about candidates during the first few minutes of the interview Often interviews are mostly searches for negative information Interviewers who don’t know what the job entails and what sort of candidate is best suited for it usually makes decisions based on incorrect stereotypes about what make a good applicant Being under pressure to hire undermines an interview’s usefulness Candidate Order (or Contrast) Error means that the order in which you see applicants affects
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Unformatted text preview: how you rate them Studies show that interviewers rate applicants who demonstrate more eye contact, head moving, smiling, and similar nonverbal behaviors higher Studies of Attractiveness find that individuals ascribe more favorable traits and life outcome to attractive people Race also plays a role Interviewees boost their chances for job offers through self-promotion and ingratiation Ingratiation involves, for example, agreeing with the recruiter’s opinions Self-Promotion means promoting one’s own skill and abilities to create the impression of competence...
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  • Fall '08
  • Newman
  • Semi-structured interview, Documentary film techniques, interviewers rate applicants, Studies of Attractiveness

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