Management 4373 Review for Test 3

Management 4373 Review for Test 3 - Management 4373 Review...

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Management 4373 Review for Test 3 Performance Appraisals: Evaluating an employee’s current and/ or past performance relative to his or her performance standards. o Done by: Recruitment Selection test Training and development: appraisal determine your training Compensation: appraisal determine your compensation Job design P = F(a, m, e) P= Performance F= Function of A= Ability M= Motivation E= Environment ---> equip., tools, etc. Purposes for performance appraisals o Developmental: Helping Employees become better Identify strengths and weaknesses Discuss performance and standards Recommendations for improving performance o Administrative: If this ___ then that ___ Salary recommendation CYA: Provide supporting documentation How do we set performance standards? o Strategic relevance: what are the goals of the company o Reliability o *criterion deficiency* o *criterion contamination* Sources of performance appraisals o Objective is better than subjective o Subordinates evaluations o Self evaluations
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o Peer evaluations o Customer evaluations Common appraisal errors o Central tendency: small # of employees and you tend to all rate them the same even if 1’s good and 1 sucks. o Leniency or strictness o Similar to me error (projection bias) o Contrast error: bias because of comparison to someone o Recency or primacy: do something good recently Primacy means you do something good early o Halo/Horn Donut guy lol Bad breath guy lol Methods of conducting performance appraisals o Trait Method Graphic rating scale : lists a number of traits and a range of performance for each. Forced choice method : pick 1 or the other. Choices are complete opposites. Requires the rater to choose from statements they predict successful/unsuccessful outcomes Mixed standards scale Essay method : rate and compose a statement about the employee . o Advantages of trait method Cheap Meaningful Relatively easy to use o Disadvantages Potential for error Poor for counseling Poor for allocating rewards Poor for promotional decisions o Behavioral Method Critical incident: something unusually good/bad
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Management 4373 Review for Test 3 - Management 4373 Review...

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