Managerial Development and Training

Managerial Development and Training - the person he or she...

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Managerial Development and Training Management Development is any attempt to improve managerial performance by imparting knowledge, changing attitudes, or increasing skills Management Development includes in-house programs such as courses, coaching and rotational assignments; professional programs such as management seminars; and university programs such as executive MBA programs The ultimate aim is to enhance the future performance of the organization itself Managerial On-the-Job Training Job Rotation means moving management trainees from department to department to broaden their understanding of all parts of the business With the Coaching/Understudy Method , the new manager receives ongoing advice, often from
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Unformatted text preview: the person he or she is to replace Action Learning means letting managers work full time on real projects, analyzing and solving problems, usually in departments other than their own The Case Study Method The Case Study Method presents a trainee with a written description of an organizational problem The person analyzed the case, diagnoses the problem, and presents his or her findings and solutions in a discussion with other trainees Management Games In Management Games , trainees split into five- or six-person companies, each of which has to compete with the others in a simulated marketplace Improvisation is a recent variant of management games...
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