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Managing Organization Change Programs

Managing Organization Change Programs - Managing...

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Managing Organization Change Programs Lewin’s Process for Overcoming Resistance Psychologist Kurt Lewin formulated a model of change to summarize what he believed was the basic process for implementing a change with minimal resistance To Lewin, all behavior in organizations was a product of two forces Those striving to maintain the status quo and Those pushing for change Implementing Change meant either reducing the forces for the status quo or building up the forces for the change Lewin’s process consisted of three steps: Unfreezing means reducing the forces that are striving to maintain the status quo, usually by presenting a provocative problem or event to get people to recognize the need for change Moving means developing new behaviors, values, and attitudes, either by reorganizing the company or by using other management development techniques (such as team building) Refreezing means building in the reinforcement to make sure the organization does not slide back into its former ways of doing things
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