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Mobile Learning Mobile Learning means delivering learning content on demand via mobile devices wherever and whenever the learner wants to access it Virtual Classroom uses special collaboration software to enable multiple remote learners, using their PCs or laptops, to participate in live audio and visual discussions, communicate via written text, and learn via content Virtual classrooms combine the best of Web-based learning offered with live video and audio Examples include, Blackboard and WebCt Elluminate Live! enables users to communicate with clear two-way audio, build communities with user profiles and live video, collaborate with chat and shared whiteboards, and learn with shared applications Training for Special Purposes Functional Illiteracy is the inability to do basic reading, writing, and arithmetic and is a serious
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Unformatted text preview: problem at work Diversity Training refers to the techniques for creating better cross-cultural sensitivity among supervisors and nonsupervisors with the aim of creating more harmonious working relationships among a firm’s employees Lifelong Learning means providing employees with continuing learning experiences over their tenure with the firm, with the aims of ensuring they have the opportunity to learn and the skills they need to do their jobs and to expand their horizons Lifelong Learning Account (LiLA) is a program similar to 401(k) plans without the tax benefits. Employers and employees contribute to LiLA plans and the employee can use these funds to better him or herself...
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