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Outside Programs and Seminars - usually combine classroom...

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Outside Programs and Seminars Management Development Seminars and Conferences offer continuing education units (CEUs) for course completion CEUs generally can’t be used to obtain degree credit, but do provide a record that the trainee completed the seminar University-Related Programs Continuing education programs in leadership, supervision, and the like Individual courses in areas such as business, management, and health-care administration Joint Programs include companies to offer their employees in-house degree programs in cooperation with colleges and universities Many also offer a variety of in-house lectures and seminars by university staff In-House Development Centers In-House Development Centers or “universities”
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Unformatted text preview: usually combine classroom learning with other techniques such as assessment centers and online learning to help develop employees and other managers Online Learning Portals conveniently coordinates all the company’s training efforts and delivers Web-based modules covering topics from strategic management to mentoring Learning Portals let even smaller firms have their own corporate universities, on the Web An Executive Coach is an outside consultant who questions the executive’s boss, peers, subordinates, and (sometimes) family in order to identify the executive’s strengths and weaknesses and to counsel the executive so he or she can capitalize on those strengths and reduce weaknesses...
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