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Training Techniques

Training Techniques - Behavior Modeling Behavioral Modeling...

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Training Techniques On-the-Job Training On-The-Job Training is the coaching or understudy method Here an experienced worker or supervisor trains the employee on the job Job Rotation is an on-the-job technique where an employee moves from job to job on planned intervals Cascading Responsibility every manager is formally accountable for the development of his or her direct subordinates Informal Learning Managers don’t arrange informal learning , but they can help ensure that it occurs Apprenticeship Training Apprenticeship Training is a structured process by which individuals become skilled workers through a combination of classroom instruction and on-the-job training, usually under the tutelage of a master craftsperson
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Unformatted text preview: Behavior Modeling Behavioral Modeling involves showing trainees the right way of doing something, letting each person practice the right way to do it, and providing feedback regarding performance The basic behavior modeling procedure is: Modeling , trainees watch DVDs showing model persons behaving effectively in a problem situation Role Playing, the trainees are given roles to play in a simulated situation Social Reinforcement, the trainer provides praise and constructive feedback based on how the trainee performs in the role play Transfer of Training; trainees are encouraged to apply their new skills when they are back on their jobs...
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