Using Other Selection Techniques

Using Other Selection Techniques - a source for other...

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Using Other Selection Techniques Background Investigations and Reference Checks There are two reasons for checking backgrounds To verify the facts provided by the applicant To uncover damaging background information such as criminal records The most commonly verified background areas are generally legal eligibility for employment, dates of prior employment, military service, education, and identification Social Networking Sites Online Databases make it easy to check candidates’ background information Employment-Screening Services access dozens of databases, by country, to compile background information for employers quickly Reference Checking has its limits You can do several things to make your reference checking more productive Use a structured form Use the references offered by the applicant as merely
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Unformatted text preview: a source for other references Ask open-ended questions Ensure that only authorized managers give them Honesty Testing The Polygraph (Lie Detector) Machine measures physiological changes such as perspiration Doubts about the polygraphs accuracy culminated in the Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988 Honesty Tests are psychological tests designed to predict job applicants proneness to dishonesty Most of these tests measure attitudes regarding things such as tolerance of others who stel and admission of theft-related activities Graphology Graphology (Handwriting Analysis) assumes that the writers basic personality traits will be express in his or her handwriting...
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Using Other Selection Techniques - a source for other...

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