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Using Tests at Work Basic Skills are defined as the ability to read instructions, write reports, and perform common workplace arithmetic tasks Types of Tests Used at Work Employers use tests to measure a wide range of candidate attributes, including: Cognitive (mental) abilities, physical attributes, personality and interest, and achievement Online or Offline Computerized Tests are used to prescreen applicants prior to in-depth interviews Tests of Cognitive Abilities measure intelligence and mental abilities Intelligent Tests are tests of general intellectual abilities that measure a basket of abilities including memory, vocabulary, verbal fluency, and numeric ability Examples include IQ tests, Stanford-Binet, or the Wechsler test measure
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Unformatted text preview: intelligence with individually administered tests The Wonderlic test provides quick measures of IQ for both individuals and groups of people Measures of Specific Mental Abilities are often called Aptitude Tests because they aim to measure the applicants aptitudes for the job An example is the Test of Mechanical Comprehension which tests for the applicants understanding of basic mechanical principles Aptitude Tests are used for higher-level workers Tests of Motor and Physical Abilities measure finger dexterity, strength, manual dexterity, and reaction time For example, The Stromberg Dexterity Test measures the speed and accuracy of simple judgment as well as the speed of finger, hand and arm movements...
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