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Vestibule Training Vestibule Training is a technique in which trainees learn on the actual or simulated equipment they will use on the job but receive their training off the job Vestibule training is necessary when on-the-job training is too costly or dangerous Audiovisual and Traditional Distance Learning Techniques Audiovisual Tools including DVDs, films, closed-circuit TV, and audio discs is a training technique widely used Distance Learning includes traditional correspondence courses, as well as, videoconferencing and internet-based classes Videoconferencing is a means of joining two or more distant groups using a combination of audio and visual equipment The communication often involve sending compressed audio and video signals over cable broadband lines, the Internet, or via satellite Computer-Based Training Computer-based Training, the trainee uses a computer-based system to increase his or her
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Unformatted text preview: knowledge or skills interactively This often means computerized simulations and multimedia Training via the Internet and Learning Portals Internet-based Learning is also used to deliver training that may simply include posting videos, written lectures, or PowerPoint slides, or sophisticated simulations Application Service Providers such as SkillSoft, are used to deliver online training courses to the firms’ employees PureSafety is an example for health and safety training Learning Management Systems help employers identify training needs, and to schedule, deliver, assess and manage the online training itself Blended Learning , the trainees use several methods (such as manuals, in class lectures, self-guided e-learning programs, or webinars) to learn the material...
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