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Work Sample and Simulations

Work Sample and Simulations - > a leaderless group...

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Work Sample and Simulations The Work Sampling Technique tries to predict job performance by requiring job candidates to perform one or more actual samples of the job’s tasks In a Management Assessment Center , management candidate come together, take tests, and make decisions in simulated but realistic situations, and observers score them on their performance The In-Basket -> here the candidate confronts an accumulation of reports, memos, notes of incoming phone calls, letters, and other materials The Leaderless Group Discussion
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Unformatted text preview: -> a leaderless group receives a discussion question and must arrive at a group decisions. The raters evaluate each group member’s interpersonal skills, acceptance by the group, leadership ability, and influence Individual Presentations-> raters evaluate a participant’s communication skills and persuasiveness by having the person make an oral presentation on an assigned topic Situational Judgment Tests are designed to assess an applicant’s judgment regarding a situation encounters in the workplace...
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