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Stages of development (Name of business) is an innovative driving range that puts a spin on conventional golf as we know it. We plan to be firm competitors in our market with great service and an all around unique experience. (Name of business) expects __loan amount _ for the first year with payments of ________. Listed below are the stages that are crucial to the development and the maturation of (Name of business) in order to make it a viable and successful business. Stage 1—Initialization. Expected beginning date is _________. First and foremost, (Name of business) will begin the remodeling of the leased space at (Street address) . All purchased equipment will be installed, managers will be hired, and employees will be hired and trained. This stage is expected to last 3 to 4 months. Completion of this stage hinges on the satisfaction of
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Unformatted text preview: our CEO __name ___ Stage 2 Promotion. Expected beginning date is _________. The promotion stage will start by having a small promotion given to close friends, investors, and business partners. This will consist of a basic walk-through of the bar and range. Secondly, (Name of business) will begin advertising for the grand opening which will take place on _________. The promotion should last 2 to 3 months. Stage 3 Finalization. Expected date of completion is ________. The last stage will consist of one final walk through for employees and guest which is expected to be held on ________. This will be the last small private opening before (Name of business) grand opening. The Grand opening is set for ___________. The finalization stage is expected to take no longer than 1 month....
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