assignment ch 3-4

assignment ch 3-4 - Payout Ratio = dividends per share...

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Syed Abdullah Mannan Introduction to Financial Accounting Date: 09-12-2011 Chapter 3 3-4 i. Invoices ii. Check stubs iii. Purchase order 3-20 i. Dr ii. Dr iii. Cr iv. Cr v. Dr vi. Cr Chapter 4 4-15 i. Liquidity Ratio: -Current Ratio = total current assets / total current liabilities -Quick Ratio = ( total current assets – merchandise inventory) / total current liabilities ii. Profitability Ratio: - Gross Profit Percentage = gross profit / Sales - Return on sales Ratio = net income / Sales iii. Dividend Policy Ratio: - Dividend Yield = dividends per share / share price
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Unformatted text preview: - Payout Ratio = dividends per share / earnings per share iv. Financial Leverage Ratio:- Debt Ratio = total debt / total assets- Debt-to-Equity Ratio = total debt / total equity 4-36 Sales 1,800 Cost of goods sold 1,000 Gross Profit 800 Operating Expense Wage expense 400 Depreciation Exp 60 Utilities Exp 110 570 Operating Income 230 Other Revenue and Expenses Deduct: Interest Exp 138 Rent Revenue 20 Interest Revenue 28 48 Total Other Revenue 90 Income before income taxes 140 Income taxes @40% 56 Net Income 84...
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assignment ch 3-4 - Payout Ratio = dividends per share...

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