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case 10-3 chapter 10 - contract formed between the two...

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Case 10-3 : Issue: Whether they have a contract or not and if they do Davison should get reward for his service or not? Rule: Under Unilateral Contract if the Promisor promise for something in exchange of other things like service or actions related to the promise and the promisee accept that promise then there is a contract formed between the two . This rule is on page number 218. Application: If the promisor revokes his promise when other person already completed the promise halfway , two things possibly can happen if the promisee do not complete his work because he thought that the promisor already revoke his promise then in that case there is no
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Unformatted text preview: contract formed between the two anyway. However if the promisee decided to complete his task and then return to the promisor then there is a contract between them under the modern view of unilateral. In this particular case the baby burger revokes their promise when the Davison is almost half way through despite of that he completed his swim. Conclusion: Under the modern view of unilateral law, there is a contract between baby burger and Davison and baby burger should reward the Davison the amount that they promises on the banner....
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