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Case 19-6: Click on Agreement. Issue: Whether the company should provide their customer information to the outside source or not and if they do then the customer can enforce the contract? Rule: In electronic Commerce there is a law called click on agreement in which both parties (service provider and service user) agree to some terms related to the products and the company. Once the user click this agreement it means now he bound with the terms. This rule is on page number 373-374. Application: In this case plaintiff (Hughes) filed a case against AOL to provide his personal
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Unformatted text preview: information to the third party without his knowledge and according to the contract they cannot do that because in the contract there are three parts: ‘member agreement, ‘community guideline’, and privacy policy’ and the part of the member agreement has forum selection clause that if any party has dispute they can only be resides in Virginia courts. Conclusion: this contract is enforceable because in the contract signed by both parties agree to that....
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