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Not everyone can grasp the economic case for free trade. Most of this anti-free trade sentiment is based on who really loses and wins with this form of trade. People have heard both sides of the argument and only look at the short term effects that for the most part only effect themselves. Most mistake free trade as a way of giving up their right to self-preservation when it comes to how secure their jobs and way of life are changed. Especially when our own domestic economy is struggling, its hard for most people to comprehend that buying less of our own domestically produced goods for imported cheaper goods could be better for us in the long run if we incorporate more trade oriented policies. Most people just see this as “sending our money away” which is not true. Some also fear that free trade brings big firms with lots of political leverage into places that they can exploit and corrupt. Government interviention can be swayed by larger companies with the intentions of dominating natural resources and/or labor in under developed
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