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INTB 3351 MidTerm Key

INTB 3351 MidTerm Key - Professor Priest INTB 3351 History...

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Professor Priest A INTB 3351: History of Globalization Mid-term Exam Section 11371 Fall 2011 NAME __________KEY__A_______________ PS #___________________________ This is a closed-book, closed-note exam. All books, notes, and electronic devices must be stowed away and out of sight ! Read all instructions and questions carefully. Place answers to the matching on the exam itself. Fill in multiple choice answers on the Scantron form. Write your short answers in the space provided on the exam. You will have 75 minutes to complete the exam. Turn in the exam and your Scantron form together when you are finished. Make sure your name is on both !! Part I - Matching (1 point each - 10 points total; 10 minutes) Match numbered items in left column with BEST corresponding letter in right column. Place letter in left column blanks. 1. Henry Martyn ___H___ a. GATT trade compromise 2. Baku __ D ___ b. British prime minister 3. Limited liability __I____ c. Agricultural loans 4. Multi-Fibre Agreement ____A__ d. Russian oil field 5. PL 480 __C____ e. 1896 “Cross of Gold” speech 6. William Jennings Bryan __E____ f. Blueprint for massive U.S. military budget 7. Dean Acheson __G____ g. U.S. architect of the Cold War 8. Ida Tarbell __K___ h. Considerations Upon East India Trade 9. NSC-68 __F____ i. Equity shareholding innovation 10. Spindletop ___J___ j. Texas oil field k. Journalist who criticized Standard Oil l. U.S. federal reserve chairman, 1930s Part II - Multiple Choice (1.5 points each - 30 points total; 25 minutes) Fill in on Scantron form the letter corresponding to the BEST answer. 1. The BEGINNING of the industrial revolution can be traced to which industry? a. Cotton textiles. b. Railroads. c. Steel-making. d. Tobacco farming.
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2. What was the Achnacarry or “As-Is” agreement of 1928 designed to do? a. Limit oil production in the United States. b. Divide up world markets between the major oil companies. c. Provide for the merger between Exxon and Mobil. d. Ensure that the major oil companies had access to Mesopotamian (Iraqi) oil. 3. Rodrik, in The Globalization Paradox , seeks to provide an “alternative narrative” for globalization. Which of the following best describes a key element of his alternative narrative? a. Markets work best when states are weakest. b. All nations should follow the same path toward capitalist reform. c. Markets and governments are complements, not substitutes . d. Protectionism is the only way for nations to prosper. 4. How did international investment change after WWII under the Bretton Woods system? a. FDI became much larger than portfolio investment. b. Portfolio investment became much larger than FDI. c. FDI shifted away from developed to developing countries. d. Most investment moved into mining and agriculture.
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INTB 3351 MidTerm Key - Professor Priest INTB 3351 History...

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