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INTB 3351 MidTerm Study Guide

INTB 3351 MidTerm Study Guide - Midterm Exam Study Guide...

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Midterm Exam Study Guide INTB 3351 History of Globalization Section 11371 Priest/Fall 2011 Date and Time: Wednesday, October 5, 1:00-2:15 (CEMO 100D). You will have 75 minutes to complete the exam. Discussion Board Review: A discussion board topic, entitled “Midterm Exam Review,” has been created and linked to your Week 7 folder. Feel free to post questions or comments relating to the exam. If there is anything you do not understand, please come forward with questions during office hours or on the “Midterm Exam Review” discussion board. The T.A.s and I will try to respond to as many posts as we can before October 5. Crossword Puzzle : An optional crossword puzzle will be posted in your Week 7 folder. You are not required to do it, but it is a useful study tool for the terms. It is interactive, meaning you can request clues to each item. Format : The exam will consist of four short-answer questions (20 points/25 minutes); twenty multiple-choice questions (30 points/20 minutes); and ten matching questions (10 points/15 minutes). The multiple choice and matching questions will be similar to those found on the online quiz. Allow 5-10 minutes to review your answers. Please bring a Scantron form (the blue one) and a #2 pencil for filling in the Scantron. You will fill in
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