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I am going to recommend that you take a position of strength on this issue and go along with what you feel the electorate wants from you, and support doubling the maximum prison time for armed robbery. I also want you to be prepared, should there be an overwhelming opinion one way or the other in the statehouse, to argue for your stance, or to be able to tell that same electorate why you had to change your mind should that be what happens. I want to stress what I will repeat in this information for you several times – increased prison time DOES NOT reduce recidivism unless the jail term is longer than 5 years. Anything lengthening a sentence by less will not make the streets any safer even if the electorate will fell safer because they feel the people are being locked up longer. Armed Robbery is a serious crime in our state. It is treated as such by each and every member of the judicial branch, and none would take it lightly if such a case were to come before them. In most situations, it does require consideration of several factors: 1. Armed Robbery as a state law, where the felon will be imprisoned for trying to take property that belongs to someone else. 2. In most cases, federal laws regarding the possession of either an illegal firearm or a firearm by someone who is not allowed to have one. 3. State laws regarding owning the firearm. So it is immediately obvious that there are multiple laws that such a criminal could be held and tried for, all of which would add considerably to the amount of time he or she would serve in prison. The problem arises, however, that it may not be beneficial to society to lock up some criminals for as long as others. In some cases, these laws are juggled about so that someone who is willing to cooperate with the police and prosecutors can admit guilt to one of them for a shorter sentence. Or in a truly hard-core case, those same police and prosecutors are allowed to charge the criminal with every law they can find to hold the person responsible for everything they can and to keep them out of the community to keep the residents of the state feeling a little safer. At which point do we want to determine that the smartest thing to do is to place a
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2010-01-07_023912_prisontime - I am going to recommend that...

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