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The police fulfill at least five roles for society. They are: 1. Social Servant 2. Crime Preventer 3. Order Maintainer 4. Crime Fighter 5. Crime Stopper These roles in the social order allow the police to maintain order and stop crimes. If we look at them in reverse order, they provide some perspective of the public view and the reality of police work. A Crime Stopper is what the public views the police as the most. They are there to interfere, to stop a crime that is occurring and catch the men or women committing them. This can best be seen in the story from the Associated Press on February 16, 2010 where Sheriff’s Deputies rescued a woman who had been kidnapped, was being held captive, and was being beaten and raped in a mobile home. In the process, the officers also found evidence of a drug sales operation in the mobile home, and detained the residents and released the woman being hurt for treatment. (AP, 2/16/10) By actually capturing the suspect in the act of committing a crime, officers will be better able to fulfill the other four roles that are needed by the public. This is a role, however, that television and the movies have embellished into the concept of “shoot ‘em up” events that the public sometimes thinks police work is really like. This role is just a support or an extension of the other four. Crime Fighter is a more likely role. A couple of Cook County Sheriffs, husband and wife, totally forgot their married roles and worked together to fight a crime as it began, stopping a 15-year-old girl from being harmed by increasing violence that began with a mob throwing bricks and bottles at her. (Hussain) The wife, in 10 years with the department, had never used her firearm in the line of duty, yet she stepped up to serve as partner to her husband to fight the crime that was about to occur. The fact that this couple needs to be recognized for their action shows that this is the reality for most police
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2010-02-20_030442_police_in_society - The police fulfill at...

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