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The interview process was interesting, in that there were two police officers, not 10 years difference in their ages, but because of position, experiences, and education there were two different opinions on everything except two of the questions. Each question is listed with my evaluation of their answers, along with the actual answers in case there is any idea I missed that would be important to recognize. Both officers are male; both have experience in a different program before the department they currently serve. Interview #1 was the younger officer, only 41, but he made sure that I understood all the experience and all the things he was able to train or participate in. He has completed some college and works for a municipal police department as a Patrol Officer with 10 years experience. Interview #2 is only 9 years older at 50, but with a full 20 years of experience. A sergeant, he has a BA, a BS, and a MA degree and worked as a deputy sheriff before moving to a city police department. 1. Why did you become a police officer? Did you find what you expected? Why or why not? Officer #2 was always pushing the stressful part of the job. Whether that was because of age or the increased responsibility of his position I could not determine. Even though he would not say it this way, Officer #1 would change jobs if he was provided an opportunity outside of police work, and #2 would probably do the same. I based that on the fact that #1 never really answered the whole question as it was asked, leaving me to believe he has questions about whether or not he can continue and #2 seems worried about pressure from supervisors. Officer 1 I went to U.S.Military Police School, decided Civilian Law Enforcement would be a good career. Law Enforcement has been a great job, would change careers. Officer 2 Father was a cop and I admired him greatly. I also like order and worked well, even then, under pressure. No, not what I expected. TV doesn't impart reality of the job and Dad was a Captain. ..and very nice/stable. Most of the stress was due to petty supervisors. The violence and selfishness of people I understood and could deal with easily. 2. What are the worst parts of your job? Why? Officer #1 gave the things he felt were bad about the job, mainly the things that he felt bothered him and his family the most. #2 seemed more vindictive; he apparently has been working under pressure from Supervisors about something and sees many problems with the city police department’s management. Of course, that could also be the difference in time served, the man with more time in the position is worried more that he is not able to
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keep up and do what the younger men can and that makes life harder on him as an employee. Officer 1
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2010-02-28_170553_comparecontrast - The interview process...

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