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5 recommendations as to what could have been done differently during the March 21, 2009 slaying of those Oakland Policeman. The entire write up was done by James k. Stewart, Senior Fellow CNA, great article I need to read. OK, I went to the LA Times, since they have the responses to the stories after the story to get what people are saying as much as anything else. Basic points: 1. Should a violent offender be let out on parole? 2. Should a man be allowed to continually appeal a case until he gets released for retrial? (interesting point not related to the story, but still interesting) 3. How did a parolee get access to two firearms? (Actually, I know the answer to that one. My mother used to work with a girl from Chicago’s South side and while all the white women in the office were for gun control, she just shook her head and told them that new laws would change nothing, guys pull up on the street on the south side and sell guns out of the back of a truck. Levitt and Dubner in Freakonomics tell how gangs get guns cheap by acting as the guards for the gun runners.) 4. Beyond that, we have someone who has no idea of the value of a life that he takes out four police officers? 5.
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2010-03-09_161444_oakland_slayings - 5 recommendations as...

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