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SOURCES AND PURPOSES OF CRIMINAL LAW Criminal law is the prosecution of a person for an act that has been classified as a crime. (HG.org) The traditional sources for Criminal Law are Common Law as defined by English Judges, Constitutions – both federal and state; Statute and Ordinances imposed by cities, townships, villages, and counties; Administrative Rules that have Criminal Penalties from governmental agencies; and Appellate Court decisions. (Cliff’s Notes) Other groups define sources of law in other, but similar, ways. Case law is the interpretation of constitutional, state administrative and municipal laws in a jurisdiction. Local State and federal agencies also have rules to adhere to. Statutory law includes city, county, parish and municipal ordinances, laws passed by the legislature of a given state, and laws enacted by the U.S. Congress. (Writer) JURISDICTION TO CREATE AND ENFORCE CRIMINAL LAW Jurisdiction is the authority of a political entity, state, county, or other group to make and enforce regulations and impose societal controls to be enforced by police and other agents. THE ADVERSARIAL SYSTEM AND CRIMINAL CASES Our criminal justice system sets two sides against each other to present their evidence and issues about a criminal act. It can be viewed as two opponents refereed by a judge. You will have an advocate for the state (the prosecution), the defendant (defense counsel) and a judge. Both sides are allowed to argue their cases before a fair and impartial jury of the
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2010-03-24_184754_criminal_law_assessment - SOURCES AND...

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