Implementing Countermeasures

Implementing Countermeasures - 1 BROKEN WINDOWS Broken...

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1 BROKEN WINDOWS Broken Windows Maron Johnson Christopher Loveless La’Karia Sam March 13,2011 Crystal Dickerson Bynum Introduction
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2 BROKEN WINDOWS The definition of community orienting policing (COP) is to have the community help to control crime in the area and be able to identify suspects. Also to target the social problems that make crime rise in the first place. The purpose of this COP is not only to raise awareness but to prevent the community of Wellington Estates from the hassles, burdens and dangers of trespassers. A Broken Window is a theory that criminologist came up with for norm setting and signaling effects for the urban disorder and vandalism on additional crime and anti- social behavior. It states that monitoring and maintaining urban environments in a well-ordered condition may prevent further vandalism as well as an escalation into more serious crime. Ignoring the little problems -- graffiti, litter, and shattered glass -- creates a sense of irreversible decline that leads people to abandon the community or to stay away. (Morin R. 2005) Social psychologists Robert J. Sampson of Harvard University and Stephen W. Raudenbush of the University of Michigan both suggested that taken these steps may clean up a neighborhood but it won’t stop people from moving or them from brining people back because they assert the current issue of Social Psychology Quarterly. They found that race and class may be more important than of disorder in shaping how whites, blacks and Latinos perceive the health of a neighborhood (Morin R. 2005). Implementing The first step is to improve the security of our community, (Wellington Estates and surrounding neighborhoods) and to implement an effective risk assessment for our program that is being implemented; doing so will ensure that our community has an input so that the program
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Implementing Countermeasures - 1 BROKEN WINDOWS Broken...

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