Individual rights - Individual rights are rights that are...

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Individual rights are rights that are supposed to be bestowed on every individual resident of a country. The problem is often you have them in theory only. Individual rights are those essential rights that all persons possess to live a full life because they are human. They are not legislative laws but natural laws attributed to the essence of human existence. the constitution protects the right to fornication with animals as well as the chance to obtain many partners. Thus and therefore, the Constitution can be construed as a document which maintains the rights to perversity and freedom from the restraints of morality. Individual rights refer to the rights of individuals , in contrast with group rights . An individual right is the sanction of independent action. Both natural and legal conceptions or rights may distinguish between individual and group rights, although natural rights theories often limit themselves to discussion of individual rights, group rights thus existing mostly as legal rights. Likewise, while the distinction between individual and group rights may be largely coextensive with that between negative and positive rights , the two pairs of terms are not in fact cointensive ; negative group rights and positive individual rights remain conceptual possibilities. Furthermore, while civil and political rights are predominantly concerned with the rights of individuals, leaving the rights of groups to the realm of economic, social and cultural rights , those sets of rights are not identical with the sets of individual rights and group rights either. Wikipedia: Individual rights Individual rights advocates tend to argue for increased codification of individual legal rights to
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Individual rights - Individual rights are rights that are...

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