Prisons and Jail final2

Prisons and Jail final2 - Prisons and Jails The most...

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Prisons and Jails The most controversial argument in our society today concerning prisons is that of private versus state. “A private prison is defined as a correctional institute operated by a private firm on behalf of a local or state government” (Pearson-Prentice Hall, 2009). One advantage for privatization of prisons is private companies offer correctional facility designs that are efficient to operate and are based on cost-benefit considerations. Privatization is commonly defined as a contract process that shifts public functions, responsibilities, and capital assets, in whole or in part, from the public sector to the private sector (Bureau of Justice Assistance, 2001).Also private prisons can mobilize quickly and specialize in facility missions. Private prisons helps the government reduce its liability exposure by contracting with private correctional companies. A disadvantage of privatization of prisons is that some private operators may be inexperienced and this could cause a problem within the management of the prison, also because of inexperienced operators, procurement process and over time it is possible that the government may lose the capability to perform corrections functions (Pearson-Prentice Hall, 2009). The
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Prisons and Jail final2 - Prisons and Jails The most...

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