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Alysse Johnson Appeal Poetics of Conduct I realize that the first sentence of my paper did not reflect what I was trying to express in my thesis. I would like to change this to read: Imagined texts, otherwise considered verbal stories, are passed “between parent and child, neighbor, or teacher and student” (Prasad 143) to help people in India decide what is morally and ethically the right thing to do. I was trying to convey that some stories have slightly different contexts but still have the same meaning and morals; and how it is these morals that shape a society, which are derived from the stories that children hear and learn from. This is parallel to what you suggested, which was to say how the same story was told in a little different context, which therefore gave it a different meaning/moral. Also you gave me the example of the two leopard stories to indicate what you
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Unformatted text preview: wanted me to do, and this helped me understand what you were suggesting. However, I didn’t choose those two stories in my paper. I only discussed the relationships between the cobra and the frog tale and The Three Little Pigs, the ashirvada story about Durga and Aladdin, as well as the Mother-in-law story and Cinderella. I used these three Indian stories and related them to the American ones so that I could clearly state how similar stories were told in different contexts and countries, yet they still reflect the same morals and ethics. I would like for you to review what I was trying to communicate with my thesis and consider raising my grade to an “A”. I appreciate you taking the time to consider this....
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