Intoxication - Alysse Johnson Forget and Remember Fourth...

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Alysse Johnson Forget and Remember Fourth Paper Two main characters from both Long Day’s Journey Into Night by Eugene O’Neill and Charming Billy by Alice McDermott have the longing to return to their past to a time when they were the happiest. These characters wished that they could go back in time to be in a place where they were the most content with their lives. Billy’s happiest time was the summer that he met and fell in love with an Irish girl named Eva, but she had to go back to Ireland. He decided that he wanted to marry Eva; to make this happen he worked very hard to be able to pay for Eva to come back to America so that they could get married. However, instead of this plan coming into action it is put to an abrupt stop until further years because Eva died in Ireland. This made it so that while Billy lived he could never be as happy as he was with Eva that summer because as far as he knew she was no longer alive. Mary is the other character that was the happiest in her life when she was a young girl at her catholic school. She loved going to church and, “I had two dreams. To be a nun, that was the more beautiful one” . However, the nun that she told this desire to advised her to go back home for a few years because she was still quite young, and she had to be sure if she wanted to be a nun. So Mary took the advice of the nun and during that time she met Tyrone and they got married. In doing this Mary gave up her dream of ever becoming a nun. Later in these characters lives they become very unhappy and they only long to go back in time to a place and with people they were happy with. To do this they turned to intoxicating substances to achieve that euphoric sense. Billy started to drink as a means to forget about the present and to get back to Eva and the plan that he had made for their lives in the past when he was happy. Mary became addicted to morphine because it allowed her to forget the unhappy times in her life and to just remember the happy moments back at her catholic school when she wanted to become a nun. Both Mary and Billy through intoxication wanted to forget the present
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Alysse Johnson Forget and Remember Fourth Paper and remember the past when they were happy; however, the alcohol was a means to be happy in the past for Billy and the morphine for Mary was a way to only remember the past. In the past Billy fell in love with an Irish girl named Eva, and he had every intention to marry her; he even sent money over to Ireland so that she would be able to buy a ticket back to America. Billy had everything planned out, a job, a way to get Eva to America, then their marriage, and a life together. He planned on making a life and having a family with Eva, “But they’re loyal. They’re loyal to their own feelings. They’re loyal to the first plans they made – just like Billy was loyal to Holtzman and the job he gave him. And like he would have been loyal to her if she had lived and came back here and they’d gotten married” . Loyal to Eva was what Billy wanted to be, and to prove this he gave her an engagement ring
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Intoxication - Alysse Johnson Forget and Remember Fourth...

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