Can You Ever Be The Same

Can You Ever Be The Same - Alysse Johnson Research Paper...

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Alysse Johnson Research Paper due December 5 th Can You Ever Be The Same? War is according to an on-line dictionary, “a conflict carried on by force of arms, as between nations or between parties within a nation; warfare, as by land, sea, or air.” When nations fight each other for what they believe in, but at what cost; the loss of great numbers of lives and minds? People who do survive and come back home from a war are forever changed; they are never the same as they were when they left to defend their country. No matter if the person leaving for war it eager to do the patriotic thing and fight for their country, like in World War Two, or if the person is regretting having to go off to war, like in the Vietnam War; either way, when and if they return they are changed. Soldiers can never forget their time at war; it will haunt them for the rest of their lives. All they can do is try and live out their lives in the best way possible and to do what they need to do to deal with and heal what they have seen and done. Whether it is to try and just forget completely and block the whole time out except for it to haunt them in their dreams or to write a book and to describe their experiences to try to understand some good through the awful that occurs during war, but they are never the same as they were before the war, when they were young and naïve. They will physically and mentally act different because forever they’ll remember their awful experiences; they can never just be innocent to battle and death, they lived it. World war two was a time when most young boys volunteered to go off to war and fight for their country and what they believed in. This was a war with clear goals and a good purpose, to counter attack pearl harbor and to end the genocide over in Germany. Another reason that most of these young boys volunteered for the war as because they wanted to decide where they wanted to go in the war and not be just put in a place because of the draft. My grandfather was one of these young boys, in fact he was actually seventeen when he signed up for the draft and
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Alysse Johnson Research Paper due December 5 th volunteered for the Marine Corp. He lied about his age so that he could sign up for the place that he wished to be in the war, he couldn’t take boats and he didn’t want to go over to Germany so the Marine Corp was what he wanted to do. So after football in high school was over he went down and signed himself up and a couple weeks after that he was sent away for basic training. Tim O’Brien on the other hand was drafted for Vietnam, and although he did sign up he didn’t think he would be called off to war and he really didn’t want to go. Vietnam was a war without a clear purpose, people didn’t really know why the war was still going on and no one wanted their soldiers over there anymore. Considering running away to Canada O’Brien wanted to escape having to go to war, but he didn’t because he felt ashamed just thinking about running. The only
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Can You Ever Be The Same - Alysse Johnson Research Paper...

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