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Alysse Johnson First essay: Argument Pleasantville or Not, There is Still a Sunny Side. Pleasantville is exactly like its name, a very pleasant place to live in America during the 1950’s. Although people may have enjoyed the pleasant nature of their little town it is a very unrealistic vision of the fifties in America because not everyone can be as perfect as they were being played out to be. When, in reality, people are not perfect, they have emotions that drive them and they cannot be held in forever. Those feelings are there inside everyone and at one time or another they become overwhelming and they cannot keep the perfect façade of Pleasantville intact. People in the town are romanticized into believing the perfect All-American dream of having a perfect happy family with no worries in the world. In fact they don’t discuss anything outside of Pleasantville at all because the world outside includes the feelings they are afraid of because they don’t conform to the perfect Pleasantville they know. Students in Pleasantville are taught that, “The end of Main Street is just the beginning again.” They don’t talk about the outside world because outside of Pleasantville is something unknown. In this romantic vision of the fifties no one wants to be unhappy or to not know something. They want a set thing of what to do and what’s going to happen so they are not surprised and feel that they are uncertain. Routine after routine is how the people of Pleasantville are able to keep living there nice lives without any deviations from the plan so that no one would get upset, their emotions stay in check and they don’t express anything that is not happy or pleasant. When Jennifer and David become characters in Pleasantville, they upset everything, slowly at first without trying then it all gets out of hand. The first day, David is late to work on accident because he is not as precise and on time as, Bud, the role he is playing. This causes Mr.
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Alysse Johnson First essay: Argument Johnson to feel uncertain, his normal routine was dislodged because David wasn’t on time so they couldn’t continue to open the diner as they regularly did, so he “just kept whipping.” Then when David/Bud left early from work without helping close up, Mr. Johnson made the decision all on his own to change the routine, “well you weren’t there so I did it all on my own.” Things are beginning to change in Pleasantville. This was one of the first things that happened that was out of the ordinary because not only did Mr. Johnson deviate from the normal routine but he showed some true emotion and enjoyment from not following the same set plan that he always used to, he liked thinking for himself and having change rather than conformity.
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Pleasantville - Alysse Johnson First essay: Argument...

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