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Alysse Johnson Analyze: In the Narrative by Frederick Douglass, who was a slave, discuses how he was once given a root by a friend named Sandy, another slave. This root was supposed to have a magical ability to keep the wearer safe. According to Sandy, without a doubt, the root will prevent the slave wearing it from being beat by their master. After receiving this root Frederick went back to Mr. Covey, his master at the time, and went the whole day without being beat for running away to his original master. However, the next day Mr. Covey called Frederick into the barn, this usually meant something bad. At that moment Frederick decided that he would not be beaten one more time without a fight. He and Mr. Covey got into a tussle, but Mr. Covey was never able to actually harm Frederick. Still wearing the root Frederick was able to walk away without being physically harmed or beat for breaking the rules or raising his hand to a white man. The root gave him the courage to finally say no to his oppressor, that he will not be beat or whipped
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