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Alysse Johnson Home vs. Real America Second Paper Most people in America would think that their home was where the true America is, but in these two novels the opposite occurs. In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and the Bread Givers by Anzia Yezierska both characters believe that where their home was was not where their true American dream was. Sara in the Bread Givers is an immigrant who came to New York City, she lived with her family, and with them was where her home was. She never felt like the city was the ‘real America’ though, and when she went to the country to go to college she thought that was the America she had been looking for. Nick from The Great Gatsby was a little different; he had a home in the Middle West country. Whimsically, he describes the land that his home is located on, although he still didn’t believe that his home was the ‘real America.’ He believed that New York City was where his true American dream lied. The city was fast paced, fun, and exciting, which was everything Nick thought that America was supposed to be was found here. Both of these characters wanted to leave their homes to find what they believed America was supposed to be. Sara was able to combine her ‘real America’ and her home to be the person she wanted to be; Nick on the other hand, could not do this, he was unable to combine the excitement of the city, his ‘real America’, with his calm and stable home. However, their home will never leave them and there will always be a feeling of relief when they return to their home or their loved ones whether they are changed or unchanged by their ‘real America.’ A home to Sara was in the City where family was; her home was the people who she grew up with and loved her. This was what made her who she started out to be, a strong, raw person with so much future potential thriving in her stubborn, strong spirit, which she obtained from her father. However, she felt the need to get away from her home to find her ‘real American’ dream. The America that she wished and longed for to make her the person she
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Alysse Johnson Home vs. Real America Second Paper wanted to be was not in the city with her family. However, when she comes home she expresses that, ”Till now I had no time to be human or enjoy sociability with people. Now I felt like a prisoner just out from a long confinement in prison. Love ached in me more than if I had been with them all the time. It was like a secret wound that I had kept covered for six years. And now that I bared it, it hurt. How I longed to share with them everything that was mine! I had no great riches to bring them. But this beautiful, clean emptiness I had created for myself, this I longed to share with them” . Sara’s home gives her a sense of love and never being lonely; she is relieved when she returns
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Home vs Real America - Alysse Johnson Home vs Real America...

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