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Alysse Johnson Power in Knowledge Final Paper #2 Knowledge plays a big role in both The Narrative by Frederick Douglass and Bread Givers by Anzia Yezierska. The main characters in these books, Frederick and Sara, both know how it feels to work under someone, and the power that knowledge can give them to end this type of oppression. Despite the these two characters have different situation for working under someone they still find that knowledge is the power they need to end the cycle of working as a ‘slave’ for someone else. They both feel the need to be free from their ‘masters’ and their unfair treatment. Frederick and Sara are seeking freedom from the lives they do not wish to have, and the only way for them to obtain this freedom is through knowledge. The key to living the lives they want and to truly be the people they want to be lies within learning the knowledge necessary to let them live their own lives. However, the style in which these characters seek the power that knowledge offers differs because they are not the same type of person nor are they in the same time period. The style of knowledge that they seek is also different because Frederick is seeking to be free and to have his own thoughts and ideas, while Sara is seeking knowledge to make her the great person that she is set on being. The style and way that these characters use the knowledge is different but it is inevitable that knowledge means power to both these characters. Frederick from The Narrative was a slave since child birth; he was forced to be subservient to his masters in order to survive. If he did not obey his masters then the consequence was punishment, for example either food rationing or physical beatings. Under these conditions most slaves agreed to be quiet and to follow their master’s wishes so that they
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power in knowledge - Alysse Johnson Power in Knowledge...

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