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Analysis: The books that were brought over from the old country to America instead of the realistic things that are needed such as feather beds and pots is very significant in Bread Givers by Anzia Yezerska. According to the father these books are the most important above all, they even start out having a room of their own in a small house with six people living there. Then because rent was needed the wife asks the father to move them into the kitchen and the bed room she says he can even stack the book against the wall and let them cover the window, they do this so they can have enough rent money to continue to keep their home. Stacking the books so that they cover the window symbolizes that they are blocking out the dirt and grime of the city, that that little room with all the religious books are enough to light up the room and someone’s spirits. Also when the rent collection lady bothered the father during his prayers and stepped on his book he stood up and slapped her across the face. He was arrested, but then found innocent because all
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