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Alysse Johnson Response Paper one Plato Theaetetus January 26, 2010 What is the root of all perception and can people really have knowledge from their perceptions? All perception are what people can see and understand; therefore, the subject perceives what the object is according to their eyes. However can a person really perceive something if they cannot see it. For example the eyes can see and perceive but they cannot see the eyes to perceive them and have the knowledge of them according to this theory. This idea can also be used in the example of perceiving a soul or the mind. There is no separate object and subject when the object being perceived is itself. This makes the subject that is perceiving the object that is being perceived. Then once someone perceives something they can then find the true knowledge in it or
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Unformatted text preview: the knowledge they perceive to be true. However how can anything be ultimately true if everyone does not perceive the same thing? For example what if someone is color blind and another person is not. Then to the color blind person believes that the true knowledge about the color orange is gray while the non color blind person knows their truth, that the color orange is orange. Each person has the knowledge of their own truth but their truths of knowledge that they perceive do not coincide. This makes the idea of perception and true knowledge almost incomprehensible because no two people can perceive the true knowledge of the thing itself that they perceive, unless the knowledge only implies to that one person that is doing the perceiving....
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