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Essay I was born on August 29, 1990 at 11:11pm; I was a healthy six pounds and six ounces with ten toes and fingers. I went to Walcott Street School until seventh grade, then I moves to a brand new school that was built called LeRoy Jr./Sr. High School. I was still in the same village just a different school building. I started to get into school clubs and sports when I started high school but I really wanted to focus on my school work and get good grades so I didn’t worry too much about extra curricular activities. That is how I joined the Junior National Honor Society and then later the National Honor Society, these are organizations that are for gifted students that have high averages and also help out in our community by doing community service projects. One of the things I did for a long time though was play soccer. I started out on the modified team when I was in seventh and eighth grades in the fall and then I was also in a soccer league every summer as well as some indoor soccer. Then in ninth and tenth grades I moved up to the JV soccer team.
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