extra credit for MGT midterm

extra credit for MGT midterm - Alysse Johnson Midterm extra...

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Alysse Johnson Midterm extra credit There are three theories in the 1900’s that arose to create the happiest and most productive worker possible. One theory in the 1856-1915 was the rational-economic person, this theory basically means that a productive worker makes a happy worker. A man named Frederick W. Taylor was the ‘father of scientific management’; this was how the best method was found to finish the job in the most efficient way. There are four principle of scientific management according to Taylor to make a worker more productive; the first would be to develop a way to do a job in the most productive manner. Second would be to hire and train the best people fit for the job, instead of hiring anyone and letting them just learn on their own and allowing them to make mistakes on the job that cost the company money. The third principle was to cooperate with the workers to guarantee that they followed the scientific procedures that were set into place. Taylor’s last principle was that the managers and workers have an equal division of responsibility and work. This will help the workers feel more confident that everything in not always their responsibility and they won’t be doing all the work while the managers do nothing. This scientific method helped workers become more productive so they were able to make more
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This note was uploaded on 11/02/2011 for the course MGT 216 taught by Professor Pipitone during the Spring '11 term at Cardinal Stritch.

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extra credit for MGT midterm - Alysse Johnson Midterm extra...

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