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Case 3.2 To tell the Truth or Stretch It, That Is the Question 1. Kara is faced with a tough situation. She is very honest with her customers, so she isn’t selling as much as she should be selling. Kara has a co-worker Sally, who likes to steal Kara’s customers, and she also like to lie to her customers about the furniture. Kara is about to get her performance apprasial, and is worried that she is doing poorly. On the other hand her co-worker Sally is doing well, but it’s because she steals her customers and “hypes” things up. She wants to be honest with her boss, but then is afraid that her boss will think she is making up excuses as to why she isn’t doing well selling furniture. 2. If I was Kara I would be completely honest. First I would go to Sally and confront her about her stealing Kara’s customers, and telling her that she doesn’t appreciate her lying to her customers to get better sales. I would also warn Sally that if she does it again, she will report her to the boss. If Sally continued doing what she had been doing, then I
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