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Case 6A.1 Claire Cosmetics 1. To make Jane less nervous, she needs to know who her competitors are, the firm’s indusrty, and the economy. This knowledge can be used to help Jane’s self concept. With a high degree of such knowledge helps Jane build a positive self-image and feel throughly prepared to interact with customers. 2. There are so many different ideas that could be presented to the meeting to help get these products out to the consumers. National, retail trade, industrial, and direct- mail advertising create demand for products and are a powerful selling tool for the salesperson in sales presentations. Sales promotion activities and materials are another potential
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Unformatted text preview: selling tool for the salesperson to use in selling to consumer and industrial buyers. Samples, coupons, contests, premiums, demonstrations, and displays are effective sales promotion techniques employed to help sell merchandise. Success in sales requires knowledge of the many technologies used to sell and service customers. Computers, word processing, e-mail, faxes, pagers, cellular phones, and Internet, have quickly become part of the professional’s sales kit. Proper knowledge of the courteous manner in which these many technologies should be used as a nesessity....
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