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Case 9.1 Cascade Soap Company 1. I think Mike used the formula presentation, often referred to as the persuasive selling presentation. The sales person does 80 to 90 percent of the talking. The salesperson generally controls the conversation during the sales talk, especially at the beginning. Formula selling is effective for calling on customers who currently buy and for prospects about whose operations the salesperson has learned a great deal. It also puts the prospect into account by answering questions and handling objections. 2. I think Mike handled this situation well. He is trying to close out on the deal by asking if
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Unformatted text preview: he wants to pass the information along to the head clerk so that the head clerk can make arrangements to put Cascade 10 on the shelf. He is also trying to close out the deal by mentioning that he can put the Cascade 10 on the self on his next call. He was very thorough by telling Bill the exact costs and profits that he would make by going with Cascade 10. Mike knew his product very well, and didn’t give Bill the chance to say No, or I will think about it....
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