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Case 14.2 Sport Shoe Corporation There are two actions listed that would be appropriate and they are: a. Place a call to the athletic director assuring him of your commitment to service, and promise to be at Ball State at his convenience to rectify the problem. b. Go by the warehouse and take the athletic director a new shipment of shoes and apolgize for the delay and poor quality of merchandise. When a deal like this goes bad, the last thing you want to do is ignore it, or even have Ball State go to a different place to purchase the shoes. This would result in your company eventually failing. Not only do you have the entire University against you, but all those basketball players are going to be upset, and tell everyone they know not to purchase shoes from this particular place because they are junk. It’s understandable when there is a bad batch of “shoes.” It’s the saleperson’s responsibility to ensure and make sure that this will never happen again. The sales representative at Sport Shoe Corporation
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