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Sales Application Questions - Sales Application...

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Sales Application Questions (pg. 64) 1. Personal selling means having personal communication of information to unselfishly persuade a prospective customer to buy something, a good, service, idea, or something else that satisfies an individual’s needs. The essentials of a firm’s marketing effort include their abilities to determine the needs of their customers, and to create and maintain an effective marketing mix the satisfies customer needs. 2. ( 1930s)An engineer would develop the product, have the prodution department make it, and then put it in a catalog and wait for people to order. Production and engineering shaped the company’s objectives and planning. Products were sold at a price determined by production and financial executives. (1940s) Personal selling and advertising were important selling methods. Sales people, armed with very unsophisticated selling tecniques, were asked to contact potential customers, show them their produc ts and take their orders. Beginning of the 1950s, marketing, rather than selling, became the focus of
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