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Immigration Law Elizabeth Christy Immigration Law June 16, 2010 Anastasia Martin Comparative Politics Rasmussen Business College Immigration Law The latest political issue that has raised some eyebrows lately is the law that Arizona has recently just passed. In late April, Arizona passed a sweeping and controversial immigration bill authorizing police officers to stop suspected illegal immigrants and demand proof of citizenship. This law has our nation in a huge uproar with politicians, citizens, and of course illegal immigrants. This law will help Arizona and other states as long as they are willing to sign the immigration law. The United States of America is a huge melting pot of many different races. America was founded upon immigration; our ancestors originate from other countries. The great thing about the United States is our freedom, people from other countries come here for the opportunities that they don’t have back home. Everyone deserves a chance to accomplish their dreams.
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Immigration Law However, lately it seems as if immigrants have been invading certain parts of the United States, especially the southwestern territories. Immigration is to the point where it’s out of control. It’s hurting the American citizens. California is in serious trouble, they are in a huge debt, and it isn’t helping when illegal immigrants continue to move in and, use our health, education, and work for low wages. California continues to raise their taxes to cover for the huge debt that the illegal immigrants have caused. It’s not fair for us, we pay our medical bills, we work hard for our money and it’s important for our children to receive the best education possible. Everyone deserves their opportunity to a better life, but please do it the right way and become an American citizen, get a social security number, and pay taxes. Immigration SB1070 Arizona is beginning to feel the same effects as California. The Governor of Arizona has finally stepped up to the plate to deal with this out of control situation. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has said her state had to act because the federal government has failed to pass a comprehensive immigration law and help Arizona close its porous border. “The Arizona
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Final CPP - Immigration Law Elizabeth Christy Immigration...

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