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Unformatted text preview: Elizabeth Christy Is America Weak? May 20 th 2010 Anastasia Martin Comparative Politics Rasmussen Business College Is America Weak? When we think of America, we think of a “Superpower;” America strives to be the best. We are the role models and try to lead by example, however we are not perfect. We may not even be the strongest. The concepts of strong and weak states are difficult for people in the U.S. to appreciate. Americans are so accustomed to seeing their nation as incredibly powerful, that they have trouble with a typology that classifies it as a weak state. The US government is weak because the structure and function of the executive and legislative bodies makes it so. “The United States has one of the weakest states of any of the industrialized democracies (Hauss, 2009, pg. 60).” “With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States became the worlds only superpower, which seeks to exert its influence, seemingly, wherever and whenever it wants to (Hauss, 2009, pg. 60).” “Compared with the other liberal democracies, the U.S. government has taken on fewer social and economic responsibilities; it usually takes more time and is generally less effective than those other governments when it does act (Hauss, 2009, pg. 60).” “In order to see the weakness of the American state, Richard Neustadt came out with his path breaking book...
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Is_America_Weak2 - Elizabeth Christy Is America Weak May 20...

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